Bethay Solutions

At Bethay, we're proud of our success and of the many services we offer, let us help you with:

Contract Management
Review Contract Documents Prior to Bid
Participate in Contract Negotiations
Review and Analyze Change Orders
Provide Services to Develop a Budget Estimate
Assist with Contract Compliance, Exceptions Evaluation and Reporting


Preparation of Delay-Damage Claims
Our staff will analyze, document and compile a complete report of delays, causes and impacts while assessing damages suffered.




Claim Defense
Analysis of claims submitted to an owner or insurance carrier. We review documentation, evaluate situation, prepare an expert report, and assist with claim defense.
Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation Support
Support claim submission and follow-up, provide assistance to legal counsel, and expert testimony.
Site Surveys and Investigations
Survey existing structures to assess overall condition and quality of building and systems.
Review and analyze capacities of mechanical & electrical systems
Suggest changes and recommendations
Design services
On-site inspection services


 Forensic Accounting

Calculation of economic damages or economic loss

Rebuttal of calculations prepared by another expert witness

Investigation of accounting records to demonstrate a pattern of behavior that establishes the rights of a party